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  • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks

    Hotel near High Wycombe Town Centre near West Wycombe. The Clifton Lodge Hotel. is a stunning 1930's 38 bed hotel set in its own large garden near the main A40. Car Parking is free for guests. The Chiltern countryside is just 5 minutes away, High Wycombe is just 10 minutes away giving the best of both worlds.

    Tel 01494 440095


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  • BBC Business News: LSE rights issue to raise almost £1bn
    The London Stock Exchange is raising £938m in a shareholders rights issue to help fund a £1.6bn US acquisition.
  • BBC Business News: EDF to pay out £3m after complaints
    EDF Energy is ordered to pay £3m after an Ofgem probe into the way the firm handled customer complaints, the last of the "big six" to make such a payment.
  • BBC Business News: Co-op Bank reports loss of £75.8m
    The troubled Co-operative Bank cuts its pre-tax losses in the first half of the year, and cuts staff numbers by 13%.
  • Business Matters: Dare to change; innovate or die

    The words of Henry Ford and Albert Einstein remain resonant today. But in the world of business – and specifically when dealing with a SME’s accounting function – they’re only partially true. In a competitive economy where regulatory, communications and technological evolution is rapid and the need to be responsive is great, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’re likely to be going backwards. It’s quite literally the law of diminishing returns. To progress, businesses need to look at adding value; to dare to change, innovate or die.

    Despite SMEs being perceived as having flexibility and agility on their side, a recent report by CIPD, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, claims that many UK small to medium-sized enterprises are not keeping up with the current pace of change.

    The most effective growth driver in the next decade will almost certainly be technology. How businesses harness the digital age will determine whether they accelerate growth, or terminally decline. For SMEs, the challenge is ubiquitous: how do you align for growth?

    Ahead with the Cloud
    Cloud-based accounting, using software as a service, can help provide valuable financial information in real-time to aid decision-making and help SMEs identify areas to improve efficiency, profitability and growth.

    Growing SMEs can align for growth by getting access to key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help identify areas of the business where improvements need to be made, and those areas where new potential might lie. In companies that employ finance directors, they have been shown to add true value to their strategic leadership teams, but are too often burdened with the minutiae of tactical accounting work and onerous internal processes. Worse still, as businesses grow, the use of disparate office-based accounting or bookkeeping solutions across multiple locations, franchises or affiliates can make consolidating annual accounts a challenging process.

    Cloud-based accounting systems provide real-time information to help growing businesses become forward-looking, flexible and agile, rather than reactive. And they are much easier to implement than traditional software.

    Margins and marginal gains
    The perceived headache of change being a total aspect of business transformation is a red herring; change can be broken down into incremental, manageable phases.

    The most successful organisations are those where decision-makers are not content to stand still, but have the entrepreneurial desire to diversify, explore new opportunities and drive growth. And have the real-time business insight to support it. Don’t fear change; embrace it.

    The post Dare to change; innovate or die appeared first on Business Matters.

  • Business Matters: 10 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs come from all different walks of life but almost all of them share similar personality traits, says inc. From confidence to curiosity, there are certain attributes that are inherently entrepreneurial–these are ten signs that you were born to be an entrepreneur.

    Risk-Taking Behaviours

    Starting your own business is a risk in and of itself. That being said, the sort of risk that entrepreneurship entails is just one in a long line of testing the waters for many entrepreneurs. The time old saying “with no risk comes no reward” is one that entrepreneurs tend to take a little bit too literally, but that’s what makes them fearless leaders and successful business owners.


    Drive and the ability to stick with a task goes a long way when it comes to building and running your own business. A lot of people don’t have what it takes to see a business through the tough times that can last for years, but at the end of the day, perseverance is what makes a great entrepreneur.


    It takes a lot of confidence to be able to break out on your own into uncharted financial waters, and it takes a lot of confidence to be persistent with something that you love, even if it is difficult. But, entrepreneurs tend to be some of the most confident people around, and they have to be in order to see their vision through to the end.


    Everybody knows how fickle the economy can be, and it takes an adaptable individual to navigate these changes with grace and persist to make their business a success. Furthermore, as somebody who will frequently encounter unchartered situations and difficult decisions, an entrepreneur is always willing and able to take challenges head on and try find the best possible outcome. You never know what to expect as a business owner, but entrepreneurs are always ready and able to adapt to the challenge.


    Curiosity is a trait that most entrepreneurs have in spades, and it can really help them innovate and drive their own success. Most businesses are built upon their owner asking questions of the market and finding problems to solve, and they persist by looking into new strategies and solutions to keep them on the cutting edge.


    There is quite a bit of work that goes into running your own business; in fact, there is something to do almost all of the time. An entrepreneur will have no problem with this, as they are always looking to have their hands on what might be the next big thing!

    A Focus On The Big Picture

    Being able to juggle tasks and wear a million different hats makes a successful entrepreneur, especially at the crucial beginning points in the life of a business. A good entrepreneur can strategise and utilise all parts of a situation with ease.

    A Rebellious Streak

    It takes a lot of guts to break out on your own, away from the security of working for someone else. This kind of rebellion definitely started early on in life, and you might notice a pattern in your past that follows breaking the mold.

    A Desire to Build Things

    This doesn’t necessarily mean physically building things, but entrepreneurs really love the process of putting things together to create a whole to show. New challenges excite the entrepreneur and being able to build a successful business or product from the ground up is a source of pride for most.


    Entrepreneurs love to show off their competitive side through their successes, and won’t give up until they’re on top. Just like the world’s most successful athletes, entrepreneurs have an undying drive to be the best of the best, and are always finding ways to outdo their competitors.

    Every entrepreneur is different, but the most successful ones all share these ten personality traits. If this list sounds like you, then you may be cut from the entrepreneurial stone and maybe someday, you’ll be the founder of the next major company!

    The post 10 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur appeared first on Business Matters.

  • CNN Business: Europe's last beer-making nun
    A one-nun brewing operation, Sister Doris is putting Germany's women beer makers on the map. Sort of.
  • CNN Business: Meet Sobrr, the anti-Facebook app
    Using GPS, a new app puts you in touch with those around you and sets the scene for "24-hour friends". The best part? Unlike Facebook, 24 hours later, everything's erased.
  • CNN Business: Designer shuns med school for jewelry
    It takes a lot of guts to choose jewelry design over a career in medicine, but then, Janet Fredman isn't the kind of woman to shy away from challenges.
  • BBC Business News: VIDEO: Pakistan tries to fill mango gap
    Pakistan is trying to take advantage of the gap in the mango market created by the EU's ban on Indian imports.
  • BBC Business News: Gap goes to India for new customers
    US clothing store Gap is bringing its brand to India with the aim of opening 40 outlets, and will launch the first two stores early next year.
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